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Alberta Tree Spraying is locally owned and operated serving Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We specialize in managing plant pests and diseases as well as snow removal services. Our areas of service include commercial properties, condos, acreages and professional golf courses.

​Common Plant Pests in Calgary & Area
How to spot: Visible presence on the undersides of leaves or stems.
Ash Bark Beetle
How to spot: Large quantities of deadwood in the crown of the trees. If diagnosed early, full recovery of the tree will occur within a few years.
Birch Leaf Miner
How to spot: Damage will be recognized on affected leaves appearing as white and black spots. Leaves will eventually turn brown and become brittle. If left untreated, trees can lose large amounts of leaves and become susceptible to other insect infestations.

Our Recommendation: Pesticide application every 24 months as trees are budding. Providing the tree with adequate amounts of water, nutrients and fertilizer will also assist in combating an infection.
How to spot: Visible presence on the undersides of leaves or stems.
Cottony Psyllid
How to spot: Curled or wilted leaves and premature leaf drop in the summer. You may also see a cottony material within the leaf.
Elm Scale
How to spot: Symptoms are not visible unless the infestation level is extremely high. Damage includes leaf discoloration, premature leaf drop and branch dieback. There may also be the presence of a sticky honeydew-like material.
Spruce Gall
How to spot: Affects pine, Douglas fir and larch trees. You will see formations that look like snow or white fluff on the bark.
Spider Mites
How to spot: Yellowing or browning of foliage.
Spruce Bud Worm
How to spot: Stripped branches and defoliation.
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